Summer Trading

The market made an immediate reversal just after today’s opening, and declined for the next 30 minutes to the eventual low. Without any pauses there wasn’t much chance for a safe entry. And without any pullbacks there were no internal measurements to pinpoint the bottom.Summer Trading

So even though we turned at a 78% Fibonacci retracement level, by the end of the first hour I had found no tradable setups. That’s when I drew the magenta bars to mark off the first hour’s high and low, and although we broke out of that range there were still no clear entries.

Finally at the pivot marked with a circled “4″ there was a potential entry. As I said yesterday

where there are two pullbacks in a move, the first one will usually be large (most often 62%) and the second one small (38%.)

Of course the movement over the next hour was just sideways so I gave up on the trade. I should have remembered that we are now into the summer trading season where many of the moves seem to happen in slow motion.

During this season it’s often useful to pay more attention to (but not necessarily trade from) the longer term charts because many of the patterns are extended. Even a move from a three to a five minute chart can clarify moves, since you can include more of the previous day’s trading.

By including part of yesterday’s move on this five minute chart you can see the structure of an Elliott impulse wave. If you realize that Wave Four is often a long drawn-out affair, it might increase your patience in this type of a trade. Remember that I don’t actually trade Elliott Waves as such, but much of what I present on this site is derived from Elliott principles.

There’s another reason to illustrate an Elliott Wave today. Last night I received an e-mail from Elliott Wave International. When they found some of my Elliott comments on Trading What I See during a Google search, they asked me to become one of their associates.

Doing so allows me to put up some links (left sidebar) to free information they offer on their site, such as a very nice 10 lesson Elliott Wave tutorial. For those of you interested in Fibonacci and market structure I highly recommend it.

If you follow any of those links, you’ll have to sign up for Club EWI which puts you on their mailing list. Fortunately they don’t send out material excessively. But it’s a no-cost way to learn more about how the market works (at least some of the time.)

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