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Repeating Rhythms

If you compare today’s chart with yesterday you’ll see almost the same pattern. There was a gap up followed by a rally and an A-B-C pullback that bounced from a natural support level (previous high instead of close.) The pullback … Continue reading

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Alphabet Soup

I wasn’t thinking about Monday being a holiday until I looked at the first hour of trading. I hope most of you made this into a four day weekend. However it’s surprising how regular the movements often are on a … Continue reading

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Reversal Continues

Yesterday’s reversal continued this morning with a gap down. The first thirty minutes gave no pullback entry, and at the end of the first hour the range was well under six points. Whenever I have no entries that I like … Continue reading

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I’ve managed to get some computer access (may be out of town for another several weeks.)  Although I won’t be able to trade, I should be able to re-start the daily analysis today or tomorrow.  I still have to download … Continue reading

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Missing Signals

Like yesterday we had another narrow range session. The difference is the almost complete lack of good trendline channels and Fibonacci relationships. Usually one or the other will give some good signals. The first bar spiked down, but didn’t quite … Continue reading

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Practice Session

If you’ve read this commentary for very long you already know I didn’t trade today. If there are no clear trades in the first hour and the range is small, I wait until it looks as though we are breaking … Continue reading

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Back on Monday

With the low volume/narrow range trading yesterday and today, it looks like the three day weekend started early. I can take a hint. Back on Monday. Lowell

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